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Decopan Transport - Premium FRP panels for all purpose transport
Decopan Transport Dünyanın Treyler Paneli

Decopan, the world’s choice

Leading producers and body builders of Turkey and the world prefer Decopan for building closed and insulated trailer bodies, caravans, commercial vehicle bodies, bus and railway car interiors.

Decopan complies with ultimate quality, safety and health standards of the world.

Meaningful Supplier Award 2014 by Otokar

Otokar, Turkey’s major automotive manufacturer awarded Fibrosan for the business development performance in the "Parçadan Bütüne 2014" Suppliers’ meeting.

The award means a lot to Fibrosan, contributing the complete domestic production of the Otokar.

Decopan Transport Dünyanın Treyler Paneli

Superior specifications

A few of the superior specs of Decopan Transport are:

  • premium surface quality,
  • custom surface options for underside,
  • freedom of molding and design,
  • low thermal conductivity,
  • HACCP ve ATP-C compliance,
  • high hygienic characteristics even suitable for operation rooms,
  • high resistance to chemicals and UV,
  • anticorrosive structure,
  • high heat and fire resistance,
  • lightness and ease of mounting,
  • maintenance-free under normal conditions
Decopan Transport Otobüs ve Metro İç Panel

Areas of use

Decopan Transport FRP panels are widely used in:

  • Closed and insulated trailer body building,
  • Refrigerated, freezer and frigorific body building,
  • Caravan building,
  • Bus body and interiors manufacturing,
  • Commercial vehicle manufacturing and modifications,
  • Car industry,
  • Subway and railway car body and interiors building,
  • Boat building and interior design,
  • Aeronautical industry,
  • Cabins of critical medical cold chains,
  • Cabins where special hygienic conditions are required