Decopan Transport grp frp traffic signs All-weather, anti-corrosive, UV resistant traffic signs Anti-theft signs
Decopan Transport - GRP / FRP traffic signs

Next generation traffic signs

GRP / FRP traffic signs are produced to eliminate the sign maintenance problems of road maintenance teams .


  • Solid body color avoiding background color changes caused by scratches,
  • Very high UV resistance avoids color fading,
  • Composite structure with perfect resistance to all weather conditions
  • Outstanding wind resistance,
  • No need for reinforcement or any extra craftsmanship at sides and corners,
  • Monolithic production at any desired dimension,
  • Ease-of-transport and mounting, low transportation costs due to lightweight material
  • Very low theft risk due to composite body without metallic content
grp frp traffic sign solid body color

Solid body color

Body color won’t be affected by scratches, providing maintenance free signs

grp frp traffic sign robust corners

No need for elaborate workmanship on the corners

No need for bending, side embossing or additional smoothing