Decopan CTP kamyon, treyler kasa panel
FRP/GRP laminate
options for body
We provide prestigious semi-trailer, trailer, light trailer, truck and van body manufacturers, and medium or small size custom body manufacturers with FRP / GRP laminate solutions on four continents.

We offer perfect and constant quality of surface and performance for glossy, matt, embossed, anti-slip laminate range, moreover, custom colors Antibacterial and Extra-Strong options are always available.
Decopan Commercial Vehicle FRP GRP body types

Decopan Commercial Vehicle FRP / GRP laminate range consists products suitable for commercial vehicle bodies of all sizes for all purposes.

Decopan Commercial Vehicle FRP glossy laminates

108 options and more to come…

Decopan Commercial Vehicle FRP / GRP laminate product range is expanding with own R&D activities conducted according to the evolving requirements of the transport sector.

Optional Easy-to-sterilize and Antibacterial FRP / GRP laminates are observably convenient and advantageous for commercial transport where vital importance of hygiene became evident after global pandemic.

New Antibacterial

New Antibacterial FRP / GRP laminates with antimicrobial characteristics have extra hygienic advantages for distribution of critical fresh food as meat, poultry, dairy, bakery, ice cream, fresh / dried fruit and vegetables, etc., and reduction of operational costs with ease of disinfection for anti-viral protection.

New Epoxy Extra-Strong

Epoxy Extra-Strong Decopan Commercial Vehicle FRP laminates are lighter but stronger. Epoxy resin matrix increases the mechanical properties of the composite and make the material stronger comparing to standard polyester laminates. Extra-Strong products, available in Quadraxial, Biaxial and standard woven rowing are ideal for body manufacturing where extra-resistance is needed.

Decopan Commercial Vehicle antibacterial extra strong laminates

Strength and safety

Decopan Commercial Vehicle Fibre Reinforced Plastic laminates are regularly tested at internationally accredited laboratories.

The most important part of our customer testimonials inventory are of the satisfied owners of the corporate fleets and personal vehicles by the thousands across four continents.

  • Resistance

    Heat resistant from - 40 °C to + 120 °C.

    Moisture resistant. Waterproof.

    Resistant to UV and surface aging.

    Resistant to chemicals.


    Resistant to impacts and crashes.

  • Food Safety

    Laminates (a.k.a. sheets) comply with Turkish Food Codex Regulations with Certificate of Compliance to Turkish Food Codex Regulations.

    Conformity of Decopan FRP / GRP sheet samples to HACCP and ATP-C criteria are certificated by TÜV Süd Gruppe ATP Control Place Munich report

    Comply with global food regulations in accord with the test report of Leatherhead Food International.

    Antimicrobial activity testing of Decopan Commercial Vehicle Antibacterial laminates conducted in accordance with JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196).

    Dezenfeksiyon sonrası hiç bakteri üretmediği ve tıpta sık kullanılan dezenfektanlarla kolay temizlenebildiği BioLab tarafından test edilerek raporlanmıştır.

  • Fire Safety

    Some test results of Decopan products with our optional Fire Safety special formula alternatives are as follows:

    Tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 7 standard and classified as Class 1.

    Anti-Slip laminates have been tested in accordance with NF F 16-101 standard and classified as M1/F1.

    Tested according to DIN 4102 and classified as Class B2 Fire Resistant.

  • Electrical Safety

    Decopan Commercial Vehicle FRP / GRP laminates are electrically non-conductive and avoid high voltage arc discharges.

  • Hygienic Safety

    Decopan FRP / GRP laminates prevent bacterial, fungal and mold growth in sanitary areas as bathrooms or shower cabinets.

    Easily disinfected with all types of surface disinfectants.

    Various accredited microorganism growth tests confirmed that no bacteria regrowth was observed after disinfection.

    Decopan Medical and Antibacterial laminates, tested according to JIS Z 2801:2012, are available for more specific hygienic medium requirements.

Technical specs for Anti-Bacterial and Extra Strong GRP / FRP laminates vary based on product selected.

Fire Safety is optional.

All product, product specifications and data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, performance, function, design or otherwise. Contact our Sales Team for latest specs and other data.

Decopan Commercial Vehicle CTP levha kalite test laboratuvarları

Decopan Commercial Vehicle FRP / GRP sheet samples are tested at trusted internationally accredited laboratories.


Decopan Commercial Vehicle
laminates have limitless variants under 8 main categories.

Decopan Commercial Vehicle High Gloss
Gelcoated surface with superior glossy finish
max 3200 mm
1.40 - 3.00 mm
60 m
Uniform thickness
Film grooved, smooth, open fibers bonding side options
Decopan Commercial Vehicle High Impact
Advanced reinforced structure with woven roving
max 3200 mm
0.80 - 1.60 mm
High resistance
High elasticity
Glossy or matt finish
Extra UV resistance and weathering protection
Smooth, sanded (rough) or corona-treated bonding side
Decopan Commercial Vehicle TRA EXT-WGT
Gelcoated GRP laminates with woven roving
max 3200 mm
1.30 - 5.00 mm
High tensile and mechanical strength
Glossy or matt finish
Smooth, sanded (rough) or corona-treated bonding side
Decopan Commercial Vehicle High Matte
Gelcoated surface with superior matte finish
max 3200 mm
1.40 - 3.00 mm
60 m
Uniform thickness
Film grooved, smooth, open fibers bonding side options
Decopan Commercial Vehicle Embossed
max 2950 mm
1.20 - 5.00 mm
Best for easy-to-clean interiors
Smooth, sanded (rough) or corona-treated bonding side
Decopan Commercial Vehicle TRA ECO-ST
max 3200 mm
1.00 - 5.00 mm
Budget solution for interiors and underfloor use
Self-coloured structure
Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient
Smooth, sanded (rough) or corona-treated bonding side
Decopan Commercial Vehicle TRA INT SGT
Gelcoated GRP laminate with CSM
max 3200 mm
1.15 - 5.00 mm
Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient
Glossy or matt finish
High UV resistance
Smooth, sanded (rough) or corona-treated bonding side
Decopan Commercial Vehicle Anti-Slip
R-13 Non-Slip GRP laminates
Fire resistance with M1/F1 rating
↔ max 2800 mm
↕ 2.00 - 2.30 mm
Dimensions suitable for monolithic flooring
Ready-to-use laminates
Smooth, sanded (rough) or corona-treated bonding side